Makeover Your Gym Bag With Essential Oils

Makeover Your Gym Bag With Essential Oils While I tend to open my door and head out for a run, I do own a gym bag. It’s getting more use now that a gym has opened up in my village and I’m getting back into a strength training regime.  I […]

5 Tips On Finding Your First Race

Add a challenge to your running by finding a race So you’ve made running part of your routine, you’re starting to see the benefits (both physically and mentally) and you’re enjoying the challenge it gives you. This might be enough for you. But if you enjoy running for a reason […]

10 Reasons To Run

The positive benefits of running – 10 reasons to run Need motivation to go out for your run? Check out my top 10 reasons why running is good for you. I even made you an infographic to help you read it quicker so you can race out the door – […]

Learning To Run Outside After Running On A Treadmill

Running coach Alison King answers your questions… I was recently asked about switching from running on a treadmill to running on the road. The two types of training are very different. Some runners will have an aversion to outside or to the treadmill (or the Dreadmill as I call it) […]

18 Ways To Use Essential Oils In Your Home

Essential oils aren’t just for smelling nice and making you feel good about yourself, you can use them around your home and reduce your reliance on mass produced cleaning products. Our under-the-sink cupboard has had a major clean-out and I’ve removed a lot of products that we no longer see […]

Zucchini Bread

I used to bake a lot and I mean a lot. There was always muffins, cake or cookies in the pantry. When I initially went NSNG that meant none of that stuff. But then I started looking online for recipes, and then I bought some cookbooks and some more cookbooks […]

Finding Your Inner Motivation – A Guarantee To Getting Fit

Getting fit is more than about your body. This is quite a big topic, but I’m going to try to break it down to help you find what your inner motivation really is. Knowing this is so important as it can help be the difference between you going out for […]

Don’t let your goals stay just a dream – make them come alive

You’ve found your motivation. Now to achieve your goal. I’m going to go through ways to make sure your goals are met. Set your goal and write it down Funnily enough some people think that be saying they want to lose weight, or run a 5km is enough. It’s not. […]

Train Your Brain To Get Motivated

A simple exercise to change your approach to running There’s more to running than just getting the legs moving – and I’m sure you have discovered that by now. If you want to run your brain – and your heart – needs to be ready for it. Getting your head […]

Need help remembering? Try Rosemary

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts. Ophelia, Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5 Shakespeare knew it. And the ancient Greeks knew it. Now the use of rosemary for memory is being brought back to the fore with university studies. If you’ve […]