The Dirty Habit I Will Stop Doing This Year

Each year I try to end it by weighing the same or less than the year before.

It’s a habit I formed after gaining 30kg when pregnant with my almost-6-year-old son.

It’s a habit I need to kick to the kerb.

On December 31, 2017, I weighed more than the previous four years’ weigh-ins (I lost 40kg after giving birth and was able to maintain it without much effort).

I didn’t even need to weigh myself to know I had failed. I didn’t as I had just travelled 20,000km to the other side of the world and had bigger fish to fry than finding a set of scales for this self-humiliating task.

I knew I was heavier as I had been weighing myself daily all year. Some days twice or more often.
It’s a pointless task.

I knew I had gained weight without a scale telling me so.

Firstly, my clothes were too snug. My winter running jacket far too tight to even consider zipping up. I was spilling out of my sports bra (bought another), my legs looked like sausages in my running shorts.

Packing up my clothes to prepare for summer temperatures led to me discovering that only one pair of shorts fit me, and they weren’t the ones I last wore in a New Zealand summer.

I was getting slower in my running and became more susceptible to getting ill.

Things have to change.

I’m quitting the scales.

I’m also retiring a few other habits.

  • No more snacking in bed (on chips or chocolate) watching TV with my husband.
  • No more ice creams on day trips – it soon became customary to buy a box of ice blocks to share, rather than an occasional treat.
  • Gone are the “can’t be bothered to run” feelings. Movement is important.

I’m going to be honest with you. I thought I could handle moving back to the UK. But my husband was right.
So much more temptation, so much easier to buy and eat junk.

He said I would falter and he was right. That’s not to say we ate crap all the time. We didn’t.

But I allowed myself to eat bread (my nemesis), chocolate and chips. We ate takeaway every Friday out of habit and indulged in ice cream far too often.

We are now back in Aotearoa. The land of the long white cloud and where it’s easier for me to eat well.

I’m going to go on a reset.

It’s called the Whole 30 and if you’ve not heard of it, it’s a 30 day reset where you avoid sugar, grains, pulses, dairy and alcohol (easy to avoid as we are non-drinkers).

There is a 10 day reintroduction phase at the end to help your body to gauge which foods it doesn’t tolerate.

When I have a date set I will publicise it and if you want to join me you will be very welcome.

I’m going to share daily in my Running on Oils facebook group, and I recommend you buy the Whole 30 book to make it as easy as possible.

I’ll be doing this alongside my own 30 day Jump Start programme, which starts on January 15. You can do either one or both together as they complement one another.

What habits will you be retiring this year?

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