The Four Oils Every Runner Needs For Race Day

Running shoes? Check

Race belt? Check

Race fuel? Check

Essential oils? Check

Your race day kit list might look a little different to mine but after you hear about these four essential oils you might want to reconsider what you take.

I have been using essential oils with my running for the past two years. While I have a long list of oils and supplements that can help with running in general (free ebook available here), there are four that I swear by for events.

  • Lavender
  • Balance
  • Breathe
  • Digestzen


Lavender is often considered a must-have oil to keep on hand at all times due to its versatile uses, including calming and relaxing properties that promote peaceful sleep and ease feelings of tension.

On race morning add to the temples and back of the neck to promote feelings of calm and to reduce any race nerves.

You can use this in the days leading up to the race to encourage good sleep and reduce any feelings of anxiety.


As Balance promotes clarity and confidence this is a great oil to use on race day.

This grounding blend promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions. 

It is Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, and Osmanthus Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Use Balance for improved confidence, calm and general awesomeness (the smell reminds me of running in the forest, which is my happy place).

Put a couple of drops into your palm and rub your hands together, then cup and take two to three deep breathes. Rub your hands on your neck and shoulders.

Also apply to the spine and soles of your feet. You can also put in your pony tail if you have long hair.


This is the Respiratory blend and is made up of Laurel Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, Peppermint Plant, Melaleuca Leaf, Lemon Peel, Cardamom Seed, Ravintsara Leaf, Ravensara Leaf essential oils. 

This is a great oil to use as part of a daily protocol as it helps to clear the airways and therefore promote good quality sleep.

Breathe can be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet, or diffused at nighttime to calm the senses and promote a restful sleep. It can also be used in times of anxiety, which makes it perfect for race day.

Apply to the soles of the feet on race morning and then add a couple of drops to your race shirt/singlet to promote clear airways as you run.


I know I am not alone when it comes to tummy troubles on race day morning. In fact I know my body so well that I can almost guarantee a set amount of visits to the bathroom. 

One oil that can help reduce stomach tension is the digestive blend, Digestzen (ZenGest in the UK). This is made up of Anise Seed, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Rhizome/Root, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Tarragon Plant, and Fennel Seed essential oils.

You can add a drop or two to a glass of water and drink, and rub onto the stomach and massage in a clockwise direction.

Want oils?

These oils are available to buy singularly or you can get Lavender, Breathe and Digestzen in a starter kit.

If you are interested in getting started with oils and you are not working with any other doTERRA wellness advocate then you can either click here to find out how to get started or email me.

This is me moments after crossing the London Marathon finish line (yes I carried my Boston medal). I used oils to help me do two marathons in six days.

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