Personalised Training Plans


Ever struggled to find a training programme that fits in with your life?

Some plans call for four runs a week, others six, some have extra sessions and you hate not knowing what will happen if you miss one.

What if you had a training programme that fitted in with your life?

A programme that took into account your work commitments, your family, volunteering, your training facilities?

Wouldn’t that make you feel more confident of achieving your goal?

Now you can.

My 12 week programmes are unique to you.



The best way to make sure you reach your goals is to follow a plan, and a plan that is designed just for you will fast track you to success.

There are so many running and gym plans available online but sometimes you need that extra peace of mind that you are doing the right training for your event or health goal.

Our personalised plans use your current fitness levels, goals and individual circumstances to get you in shape and with a lower risk of injury.

These plans can help with the following:

  • Running
  • Triathlon
  • General fitness

When you buy this plan you download my coaching questionnaire. Fill it in and email back to me and I will send you your plan within three working days. You will get it online as well as a pdf. The online training programme is also available in an app (iOS only, Android coming in October).

A personalised plan is the next best thing to one-on-one coaching or personal training.

Plans are 12 weeks in length, for longer plans please contact me at You can add on coaching consults.

Please state which race you are training for if you want a running or triathlon plan, or what you want to achieve if after a general training plan.


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