Running is a great exercise, but I would say that because I’m a running coach who runs!

Alison King running coach
This is me.

But you don’t have to be a fast runner, or a daily runner, to enjoy the benefits from running.

You might want to run because it helps you feel better about yourself. Because you love the endorphins, the time to yourself, the fresh air on your face.

Whatever you love about running you might want some extra help to get even more from it.

Whether it’s a race you want to enter, or a different goal you have set yourself (such as knocking some time off your parkrun personal best) I can help.

You get training that fits into your life. A training plan that takes note of your children, your workload, your location.

A training plan you can print off and stick to your fridge, online and on an app you can carry around with you (iOS only, Android coming in October).

You will also get email contact or calls with me to make sure you are doing okay, to change your programme where necessary (contact not included in programme-only package).

This is what people say about me:

  • You are the amazing person that can help people with just about anything
  • A woman who has already walked a mile in your shoes so real advice tried and true
  • You’re the girl who believed she could, so she did. You’re passionate about running and fitness and have a real heart to see women feeling fit, empowered and strong.
  • I think Alison is an amazing person and my life has changed for the better from the helpful advice she has passed on to me. Not just my running but my attitude towards life events. I can’t thank her enough.

This is what I say about you:

  • You deserve this.
  • You can achieve your goal
  • You are more likely to achieve if you have outside influence
  • I believe in you

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