The Four Oils Every Runner Needs For Race Day

Running shoes? Check Race belt? Check Race fuel? Check Essential oils? Check Your race day kit list might look a little different to mine but after you hear about these four essential oils you might want to reconsider what you take. I have been using essential oils with my running […]

Why Your Sports Bra Should Be A Priority (+ Video)

Yes your running shoes are important, but your sports bra should also be a priority. If there’s anything that makes me cringe when I see another runner it’s when she’s got excessive bounce. I don’t care for jiggling butts, bellies or thighs, but when it comes to our boobs the […]

Boston Strong and Fearless

As I write this it’s a little over two weeks since I ran the Boston Marathon. And it’s 10 days since I ran the London Marathon. Yes, that’s two marathons in seven days. When I first told people I was doing two in a week there was disbelief, shock, amazement […]