So What If You’ve Got Unfit – Get Back Out There

There’s no shame in starting from the beginning again. No matter your greatest sporting achievement, we can be humbled once more back to our grassroots. It’s easy to forget how hard it was when we first got active, especially if we have gotten used to daily training sessions, faster race […]

If My 68-year-old Mum Can Do parkrun Then So Can You

Not everyone who runs has done it all their lives. I can guarantee you that. I remember asking in a Facebook group I was in how many women had taken up running later on in life. There was an overwhelming majority that said they were in their 30s or older. […]

Our Year of UK Adventures

When we decided we would live in the UK for a short period one thing we were keen to do was explore. We wanted to make the most of the time we had to go out and see things, get outside and just generally experience as much of the UK […]