So What If You’ve Got Unfit – Get Back Out There

There’s no shame in starting from the beginning again. No matter your greatest sporting achievement, we can be humbled once more back to our grassroots. It’s easy to forget how hard it was when we first got active, especially if we have gotten used to daily training sessions, faster race […]

The Four Oils Every Runner Needs For Race Day

Running shoes? Check Race belt? Check Race fuel? Check Essential oils? Check Your race day kit list might look a little different to mine but after you hear about these four essential oils you might want to reconsider what you take. I have been using essential oils with my running […]

Why Your Sports Bra Should Be A Priority (+ Video)

Yes your running shoes are important, but your sports bra should also be a priority. If there’s anything that makes me cringe when I see another runner it’s when she’s got excessive bounce. I don’t care for jiggling butts, bellies or thighs, but when it comes to our boobs the […]

Black Toenails – How To Avoid Them

How to avoid the runner’s curse of black toenails I know lots of newbie runners are a bit scared of suffering this affliction, and it can put you off wanting to try for longer distances in case it should happen to you. So with that fear in mind I thought […]

Run Less To Run Faster

Run less to run faster There’s a direct correlation between my year of great marathons and running less. In 2010 I ran Rotorua in May, Wellington in June and Auckland in November. I also ran five half marathons. There’s nothing special about that, I know. Lots of people run plenty […]

Makeover Your Gym Bag With Essential Oils

Makeover Your Gym Bag With Essential Oils While I tend to open my door and head out for a run, I do own a gym bag. It’s getting more use now that a gym has opened up in my village and I’m getting back into a strength training regime.  I […]

5 Tips On Finding Your First Race

Add a challenge to your running by finding a race So you’ve made running part of your routine, you’re starting to see the benefits (both physically and mentally) and you’re enjoying the challenge it gives you. This might be enough for you. But if you enjoy running for a reason […]

10 Reasons To Run

The positive benefits of running – 10 reasons to run Need motivation to go out for your run? Check out my top 10 reasons why running is good for you. I even made you an infographic to help you read it quicker so you can race out the door – […]

Learning To Run Outside After Running On A Treadmill

Running coach Alison King answers your questions… I was recently asked about switching from running on a treadmill to running on the road. The two types of training are very different. Some runners will have an aversion to outside or to the treadmill (or the Dreadmill as I call it) […]

Boston Strong and Fearless

As I write this it’s a little over two weeks since I ran the Boston Marathon. And it’s 10 days since I ran the London Marathon. Yes, that’s two marathons in seven days. When I first told people I was doing two in a week there was disbelief, shock, amazement […]